FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Park On My Drive?
    Park On My Drive
    is a new and exciting website that takes the hassle and stress out of finding a parking space. Read more about what we do in the About Us page, but in a nutshell, it allows people to advertise their driveway or garage to motorists looking for a convenient place to park.
  2. How does Park On My Drive work and what does it cost?
    Driveway and garage owners pay a one-off yearly registration fee to Park On My Drive for advertising their space on the site and car owners pay whatever the driveway owner feels is appropriate for using their space. There's NO COMMISSION and NO HASSLE!
  3. How will car owners find my drive and park in it?
    After you have completed the quick and easy registration process, your driveway will be available online for those looking for parking spaces. Make sure your descriptions attract customers, for example 'a gated driveway five minutes walk from Liverpool FC' or 'an enclosed garage three minutes walk from Bart's Hospital, the Natural History Museum or the Tower of London'.
    When a driver enters the particular place name or postcode, the search engine will filter all the relevant parking spaces within a one-mile radius and they will make their booking based on their own criteria. Your address will be forwarded to them once the booking has been made.
  4. How do I find a place to park?
    On the Home page, you'll find the location search engine. Simply enter the postcode (if you know it) or the place where you want to go (St. Paul's Cathedral or Fulham Football Club for example) and the search engine will bring up all the relevant parking spaces within a mile of your search criteria. Find the space that fulfils your criteria, complete the simple booking process and the full address of the location will be sent to you.
  5. What if I can't find the place I'm looking for?
    Using a previous example, if you want to go to St. Paul's Cathedral but you type "St. Paul's" into the search engine, the likelihood is that there will a number of roads and churches called St. Paul's across the country. Try and be as specific as you can. If you're unsure, double-check you've been sent to the right location.
  6. What if the driver has been delayed in collecting his car?
    This has the potential to be a common occurrence due to factors such as public transport delays, extra time at football matches, unforeseen illness etc. so we recommend you swap mobile numbers specifically for these eventualities.
  7. Why do you suggest car owners are members of roadside recovery organisations?
    There are two main reasons. Firstly, most car owners are members of roadside recovery organisations for peace of mind and safety, and secondly, if, for whatever reason, you come back to your car to find an issue – flat battery, flat tyre, or worse – you're safe in the knowledge that it will be sorted and you'll be on your way.
  8. The car parked on my driveway has leaked oil. What do I do?
    >Unfortunately, no legal compliances have been registered on this site at the present time so we cannot impart any legal advice. What we can do is add the offending car to a 'black list' of inappropriate vehicles for other hosts to be wary of.
  9. My car has been damaged whilst on the driveway. What can I do?
    Again, we are unable to offer specific legal advice at this time. However, if the car has been damaged by a falling tree or fence, the driveway owner may be covered by his or her home insurance, providing they have informed their insurance company they are letting their driveway.
  10. Me, or one of my children accidentally damaged the car on our drive. What shall I do?
    You may have Third Party cover on your buildings insurance, but we suggest you check the implications of renting out your driveway or garage with your insurance company.
  11. Is tax payable on the income I receive from the motorists?
    Please check with your accountant or financial advisor regarding the tax implications of collecting an income through renting out your parking space.
  12. I am a Resident Permit Holder for the space on the road outside my house. Can I rent it out through Park On My Drive?
    If your local council owns the space, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to sub-let it to a third party. Please check with you local council before registering the space on Park On My Drive.
  13. My family take regular driving holidays through Europe. Is Park On My Drive available in other countries?
    At present, Park On My Drive is only available to people parking in the UK but owing to our success and continued growth, we plan to roll out the service Europe-wide within 12-18 months.
  14. How many cars can I let on my drive?
    The government has informed local councils that homeowners should be allowed to let one space on their drive for financial reward without obtaining planning permission. Those who wish to let more than one space are advised to seek local authority requirements.
  15. Do I require liability insurance?
    Users of this website and especially space owners are advised to check their insurance conditions for liability cover in the unfortunate need to claim. We understand that some insurance companies are inserting clauses to accommodate certain areas of the “Sharing Economy” so we advise all our website users to check with qualified advisers.

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