Privacy Policy

DATA PROTECTION: - To conform with revised legislation w.e.f. 25 th May 2018.

Privacy Policy: We will not share your information with any other organisations or agencies or any members of the public. Only between registered members if you have previously or currently requested or agreed parking arrangements between yourselves. Your details as stated in No.1 below will be removed from the data base should you request so.

1) POMD only holds the following user information on the website data base. Name; Mobile phone number; email address; home address and space address.

2) All registered members who agree to the Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Policy are opting to accept the receipt of the following emails.
  i) A request to park stating Parker's Username, date and times of parking and car make and registration.
  ii) An acceptance or rejection email responding to the request. The acceptance email may contain a payment gateway.
  iii) For the Parker:- An acceptance email from the Owner will allow Parker's contact details ie Mobile and email to be revealed to the space Owner.
  iv) For the Owner:- Accepting a booking request will reveal Owners contact details ie Mobile No. and email address to the Parker.
  v) Any email from the website POMD that contains information particular to that person's membership, booking assistance or advice.
  vi) Any email from the website POMD advising of changes to the website, it's function or T&C's
  vii) Emails from the website issuing repeat invoices and/or of unpaid fees, or any of the emails listed above may contain branded logo's of a third company.
  viii) In the case of a dispute between an Owner and Parker we reserve the right to reveal the registered address of the Parker to the other party.

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