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  1. Once you've registered, you'll be directed to your dedicated "Your Page", where you can then follow the link to list your parking space(s). But note on registering you are asked to chose a User ID/name if per chance you select a previously used your entry will be rejected and you will need to retry, so try and create a unique name.
  2. To list your space firstly you must check the address and postcode of the space is correct and the pin point on the map is correct.
  3. There are two description boxes. The first is for describing what you are local to, for example 'three minutes walk from Wembley Stadium' or 'a six minute coastal walk from the beach', and the second box is to describe your parking space, for example 'gated, paved driveway' or 'enclosed garage'. We do not allow contact details to appear at this point as they may be used to by-pass the booking system, but they are revealed once a booking is accepted. Complete the boxes and "Save Your Space"
  4. We charge you £15 per year THESE ARE THE ONLY CHARGES WE MAKE. There is NO COMMISSION levied on you for what you charge to rent out your parking space. Whatever you make is yours, and you will not be invoiced the first £15.00 charge until your first booking request has been made.
  5. The Weekly Calendar and Pricing is via "Times and Prices" and is a standard 12-month view for parkers to select dates and you will quickly and easily be able to enter both times, days and prices for when your particular space is available, non availability dates can be blocked by entering the dates via the "Blocks" tab. The space also becomes non available for any dates you have accepted a booking for.
  6. When a motorist decides that your space is ideal for them, they will go through the booking process and you will be sent an email and text letting you know that someone wants your space on a particular day(s) for a specified amount of time. You then have the option to accept or reject the booking. Upon accepting contact details will be revealed to you both. You will also have the vehicle details and registration number so you will know the correct parker has arrived.
  7. If all is well, you will accept the booking, take payment (usually cash on arrival as described in the Example Booking page) and send your full address.
  8. Pre-Payment- Semi Managed System The steps are the same as before, however the costs are shown differently and include an added surcharge to the parker. You the space owner will need to create a PayPal account. When you accept a booking the parker is sent a text and email with a payment gateway. By paying the required amount the parker has secured the booking with you and you are then contractually obliged to be responsible for the parking arrangement upon their arrival. The money paid by the parker is split, you receive your fee and the remainder passes onto ParkOnMyDrive. This system stops "No show" and/or parkers non paying.

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